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SEO Lancashire Case Study by Billy SEO

This is our first SEO case study for a website offering services in Lancashire. It’s a perfect example for the power of local SEO. Our client owned a one year old domain with 50 pages of content. His hosting wasn’t reliable so we moved him to a more stable and fast provider and optimized his website for speed. After just a few hours of our work, his site was loading lightning fast which is incredibly important for your SEO results. If your website is loading dead slow then Google won’t want to promote it high in the search results. This is why it’s essential to always perform a site speed optimization which we always do for every single project we’re involved with. For SEO Lancashire visit Billy SEO.

The next step was structuring the website in a more logical way. The current interlinking was very chaotic and messy which has a negative impact on your rankings. Why? Because it confused Google. When you structure your website in a proper way and use interlinking to pass the relevancy between the related pages then Google gets a bigger overview of your site. On the other hand, when you completely neglect the importance of interlinking and using proper anchor text, then Google will end up not knowing what your website is all about. But even if in the past you fully ignored that aspect, there is no need to worry because we can help you fix that.

When it comes to SEO in Lancashire, you need to realize this Is different to national SEO campaigns. When it comes to local SEO, you need to adapt different principles and stick to rules that don’t always work for global and national search engine optimization.

It took us 3 days to fix the site’s internal infrastructure. After that, we submitted it through Google Webmaster Tools to crawl. This way, Google bot visited our website and was able to see the changes. You don’t have to notify the bot, but then you usually have to be prepared to wait for the bot to revisit your domain naturally. When you own a small site, this might take ages so just take advantage of the Google Webmaster Tools and get Google to revisit your site in minutes.

After that, we waited 7 days to see the ranking changes caused purely by the on-page SEO changes. Google only confirmed us that we did a great job since the site popped up higher for 70% of its target keywords.

The next step was making sure Google trusts our domain so we made sure to get on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the other popular social media platforms. Making sure that you engage on social media just makes SEO easier. We also created a local Lancashire Facebook group and set it to public. This is not necessarily for SEO but it’s just a smart move to get more exposure and traffic.

What came next was getting on the local as well as national directories that are tightly related to the industry. This is a great source of branded links and can also get you more clients. Always make sure that you only pick up the directories that are trusted. Instead of going after hundreds backlinks, just get a dozen of directories. It’s even better, if you don’t get them all in one go but submit to them gradually. This will keep the link velocity at a low level which is natural for the new websites.

We then waited 3 weeks for the work to kick in and settle down. 20% of the targeted keywords popped up on the first page. We then added some more content that pointed to our target pages with strategic anchor text and after another two weeks, we’ve doubled the amount of keywords ranking at the first page of Google.

The last step that helped us rank in top 5 for the most important keywords was getting our website name on Blogspot and WordPress blogs as well as syndicating the existing content to Medium and Reddit. This passed enough relevancy and ranking signals for Google to promote our website really high. All in all, our SEO Lancashire campaign was a great success. Would you like to get an SEO service? Get in touch and let’s discuss the SEO price.


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